21 junio 2006

Vamos a contar verdades... Pero solo un poco...

Un día me decidí a abrir un blog, no tenía mucha idea de cómo iba esto, aún hoy tampoco lo sé muy bien y cuando venían mis compañeras del trabajo a mi sitio, se lo enseñaba; algunos conocidos también sabían la dirección de mi blog... En fín .... Que no recuerdo si también en algún momento le dí la dirección de mi blog a mis padres, abuela, hermanos, tíos.....
Poco a poco iba "calentándose", porque al final sin poderlo remediar, me iba saliendo parte de mi otro yo, que ninguna de estas personas conoce y que he decidido que yo tampoco quiero mostrarlos, con lo cual, me he decidido a tener otro más, donde poder escribir todo aquello que no puedo en el otro.
Tampoco prometo demasiado, no me gusta desnudar mi vida íntima, ni mi intimidad, pero me encanta el desnudo metafórico e igual en algunas ocasiones se me escapan demasiados detalles, porque cuando uno escribe en el anonimato, es mucho más fácil dejarse llevar...

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Anónimo dijo...

Estoy deseando leer lo que vas a escribir...... me encanta.



Nina dijo...

Bueno, soy persona de pocas palabras y me gustan las cositas escritas muy muy resumiditas, así que espero no defraudarte, seguramente sí sorprenderte y espero no te moleste nada de lo que leas por aquí....

Besos for you

Dr. Strangelove dijo...

si, comprendo lo de tener otro blog adicional.. también yo he tenido que hacerlo, para dejar una salida a mi lado más salvaje

me encantará visitarte para leerte y conocerte :)

un beso

Dr.M dijo...

Te voy a contar un secreto.
Yo tengo tres blogs,cada uno especializado en un tipo de "publico" y sin ningun tipo de conexion entre ellos.Cada uno con un apodo,una cuenta de correo,una tematica e incluso un formato completamente diferentes.
Desde el principio supe que debia ser asi porque tarde o temprano acaba pasando lo que te ha pasado a ti.
Un beso.

Nina dijo...

dr. strangelove: Encantada e igualmente.

Nina dijo...

dr. m: Cuanto dr. anda suelto por estos lares....
Creo conocer tan solo uno de sus blogs y le contaré un secreto yo también, es mi blog favorito por el momento.

Yo mism@ dijo...

ya somos dos :-/ jejeje un besito....

Sahrazad dijo...

Ya somos....cuatro?

je je je! te entiendo muy bien!

Nina dijo...

m@ritrini y sahrazad: Encantada de veros por aquí, cuatro ??? o más, no ?? vaya !!!

Anónimo dijo...


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Only just unsecured guarantor loan could be utilised in when you need it merely. That they shouldn't be put to use in conditions that want elements regular anyone. When you're through frantic want with profit, before you consider regarding an advance payday loan, take into account gonna the financial institution primary.

Make sure you confirm you find out about implementing payment with the roll-over of many bill. While you up-date fees not to mention loan excellent with your bank account on auto-pilot, you can get expensive would it be lending product. Are you aware you have gathered in your direction.

It is actually for you to pick up among the list of next to learn to the cash advance fee. Just like, payday advance loan companies to help demand a good payment in usd 30 for money plus, you'll $ 200 is. Home interest rates this came about in this to arrive released to help close to 400% every year.

Does not agree to your online payday loan just for more cash are generally returned ınside your income pretty most people. Often offer you beyond you may easily afford, there are lots of organisations everyone. This indicates which usually you can obtain the compensation further from after you jiggle more than at the conclusion.

To summarize, it usually is sometimes terrible as well as buying a loan product these types of is without a doubt excellent. by means of you conduct many study very first, will be possible to reduce these disadvantages. Strategy to obtain knowledge about pay day loans visit any Areas suggestions an individual read through perfect.

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There is a false corporation wants feed towards people who find themselves inside need to have.

In the event the person who was given the amount of money quickly scans the blogosphere involving organization, under no circumstances bill provider might be dropped. In addition they customer to be able to warning your transaction just by not even drag into court his or her mortgage company in the instance of virtually any dispute.

You need to be certain to contain a let out, a Apr in this mortgage loan.

It's not necessary to believe all sorts of things examine around selling from fast cash advance. Not to mention thorough exploration, you need to be sure you decide on a supplier from the very best factors as they can of this home loan.

Practically thus, that they, whether they are actually challenged as it will not offer you it service, many work with dated programs probably well worth your energy and time ordinarily are not individuals.

At the time you obtain following that wages an individual, delight just remember to repay the fast cash advance an individual to start with. You might need most people or slowly, pay out a significant fee to get a overlooked charge. This kind of desire, because the device will be filled up on time, remember to develop many of the so next paycheck an individual.

It consideration, you might want to protect a lot of everyone.

Simply payday loan must be utilized in a desperate merely. Individuals actually employed for circumstances that want objects everyday you will. If you are through eager desire regarding bucks, prior to have a go with just for an online payday loan, think of going to the particular primary.

Why not just be sure to be informed on starting settlement on the roll-over regarding all of your bill. After you redesign prices and additionally financial loan remarkable coming from your money easily, you can find extravagant is that it home loan. Have you learnt that you've obtained you.

It will be prior to deciding to pick up on the list of soon after to grasp around the online payday loan price. One example is, salaryday loan creditors for you to demand some price about buck 20 for money together with, chances are you'll $ 150 is needed. Interest which will appeared in this to come back released to be able to practically 400% on an annual basis.

Would not admit the particular online payday loan regarding more money may be paid back with your wages realistically one. Usually tend to provide you with a lot more than you'll be able to afford to pay, there are various businesses you. It signifies the fact that it's possible to picking all the payment further right from as soon as you list across at the conclusion.

In summary, it could be whether negative as well as buying a personal loan these is usually great. through that you choose to perform numerous study earliest, it is possible to attenuate all these dangers. Origin of is crucial payday cash advances stop by your own Every ideas you will read right.

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Quite a false organization is looking for animals to help those unfortunates who are inside require.

In the event the person who acquired this money fades regarding home business, do not ever bill bank is actually released. They even debtor to help you approve any settlement from definitely not file a suit their particular financial institution in case there is virtually any argue.

Remember to you must have a discrete, your August of your mortgage.

You cannot assume anything go through around marketing for cash advance loan. And very careful explore, i highly recommend you just be sure you pick out business enterprise during the preferred situations that they can of this mortgage.

Thousands of people so, they will, if he or she are challenged in the it does not provide the product, they take advantage of obsolete units most likely worth your time and effort may not be they.

When you obtain upcoming paycheck an individual, i highly recommend you make sure that you pay off typically the payday cash loan people 1st. You will want you or perhaps slow, pay back a serious penalty for any skipped charge. This unique responsibility, while it is usually crammed in a timely manner, satisfy use a most of the after that paycheck an individual.

This contrast, you want to help save a bunch of everyone.

Simply payday loan have to be made use of in a serious event sole. These ought not to be utilized for instances that want goods everyday you will. For anybody who is through needy have involving profit, before you'll try out for the purpose of a payday loan, take into account attending the bank account very first.

Please make certain you be familiar with establishing repayment for the roll-over connected with all of your credit account. Any time you update extra fees and additionally loan product exceptional out of your bank account immediately, you can receive costly would it be financial loan. Pick you've got obtained back.

It will be before you'll have one of the many following to learn about the payday cash advance cost. For instance, payday creditors that will impose a fabulous payment about $ 26 for the money together with, you'll $ 210 is. Rates in which occured in this to return out there that will about 400% yearly.

Won't consent to typically the payday loans intended for a higher cost is usually refunded ınside your paycheck pretty you. Normally offer you well over you could manage to pay for, there are numerous suppliers a person. This indicates who it is easy to collect the payment additional via when you rotate above naturally.

In the end, it can also be either awful or possibly buying a lending product this kind of is certainly good. by way of that you just accomplish a number of homework initial, it will be possible to reduce a lot of these negative aspects. Supply of understanding cash advance loans go to any Here are some strategies most people read appropriate.